Friday, January 23, 2009

A Night of Golfing

We always drive by this driving range that is right by our house and the girls always beg to stop. So one night we did.  We were hitting golf balls all over the place.  It was a lot of fun and now when there isn't much to do the girls beg to hit golf balls.  It is cheap and easy entertainment.
Jude was not allowed out of the stroller (poor guy).  He just loved being there.
Stella being taught how to hit a golf ball by her dad.
That is me showing my girls how to be a pro golfer.
Briley attempting to hit the ball.  As you can see she missed it the first time.  She got it good the second time.
Isabelle and her dad.  Ned was everyones teacher that night.  I think he comes and does this often.

My Little Guy

The motorcycle was Jude favorite thing to do.  When we are telling the girls goodbye for school, the first place Jude heads for is the motorcycle for his daily ride around the block.  My sister Amy has moved to California and took it back so now Jude is really sad when he goes outside and finds it gone.

Jude loved the swing at the park.  I think he would of stayed in all day if he could.  Isn't he such a happy guy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rock Climbing

The day after New Years we went to this rec center that had a rock climbing wall.  We met the Skousen family there and had a good time.  Ned and I even joined in the climbing.
Maicy and Izzy
This is me attempting to rock climb.
Ned was a pro at it.
Briley and Izzy raceing to see who reached the top first.  They actually tied.
Agroup shot of all the girls in their harnesses.  Aren't they a cute bunch.

Dentist Time

Isabelle went to her first Dental appointment since we have moved back.  We were so excited because my cousin Tyler Carter is a pediatric dentist.  She loved him and was so excited to actually go to the dentist.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Years Eve

We celebrated the New Year at the Carters house (my cousin Travis).  We had a good time.  The kids played games, the adults played games, ate some food, put younger kids to bed and ended the night with some real fireworks.
Some of the women at the party
Izzy and Aubree.  Aubree joined us for the big party.
Izzy with the sparklers
Briley with her sparklers.

11 Years

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary at the end of December.  Ned had some flowers sent to me.  I loved them and was very surprised.  We have never really done very much because it is right after Christmas and very busy.  Well this year was different.  We ended the day with going out to dinner to one of my favorite restraunts called Riazzi.  It has been 11 great years.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is always an exciting place to be in the Opfel house.  Izzy and Bri woke up early, but we would not let them wake up the other kids until about 7:30.  When we finally gave in, all I could hear were screams.  
Waiting to run down the stairs to see if Santa stopped by.
The big present for the family was the wii.  
Stella in her dress-ups that Santa left for her
Izzy and her ipod ( not sure why the picture turned)
Bri got a camera and camera stuff to go with it.
Jude on his Retro Rocket.  He loved just pushing all the buttons.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Eve

Just so you know these pictures are out of order.  First the night started out with eating some ham and patatoes, homemade rolls and slush drink with the Skousen's.  Then we headed to the piano for some singing and the Skousen girls played some songs.  Next we opened our pajamas and watched a dvd.  Then we ended the night with some yummy cheesecake.

Jude climbed up to the island and took over somebodies cheesecake.  I thought hey its almost Christmas and let him dig in.
Stella with her pajamas (she calls them her candy jamies)
The kids in their pajamas.  Stella would not coroporate.  I think it was past her bed time.
Singing at the piano, with Amy playing
Kiley, Briley, and Hailey with our famous slush drink.
Erin, Amy and Jack during dinner.  (Ned was at work)
Izzy and Maicy during dinner.  The girls were very excited to be together.

Sugar Cookie Time

Its a tradition along with the gingerbread houses to make and decorate sugur cookiesat Christmas time.  So when Jude was taking his napIi decided to get all the stuff out and make some.  The girls picked their favorite cookie cutters and decorated them.  Of course they were all gorgeous and looked very yummy. 

Opfel Christmas Party

We had our Opfel Christmas Eve party this year at Gingers house.  The kids had a good time.  It started out with a Mexican dinner and tamales.  Then on to the kid nativity.  Izzy was a wiseman, Bri the angel and Stella the star.  We thought Stella might not like  her costume, but she loved being a star.  Then the night ended with the gift exchange.
Grandma Jeanie made the kids blankets this year for her present.  They all loved them.
The Nativity
Jude during the gift exchange.  He just loved all the wrapping paper.
Stella and her toy shoe with fairies, which she liked alot
Briley got scrapbook stuff and decorated the box it all came in.
For some reason her picture did not turn.  Izzy got scrapbook stuff too.  She loved everything in it.  Thank goodness they have an aunt who likes scrapbooking too.