Thursday, January 21, 2010

Temple Lights

I just love the Christmas season and one of the reasons why is all the lights. I love to drive around at night and look at all the houses decorated in Christmas lights. I also love the light at the temple. We took the kids to see the lights along with Mema and Papa. It was fun to see Stella and Jude get so excited.
Briley, Mema, Stella, and Papa in the back with Jude.
I got this cute picture of all the kids looking at the star in the nativity.
I was trying to get a picture of all the kids together, but they would never look at me at the same time. I love how Jude is totally the one looking when usually he is the only one not looking.
The final result. How cute is that bunch. Stella(4), Izzy(10), Jude(2), and Briley(8).

Gingerbread Houses

This holiday season we started out with the annual building of the gingerbread houses. Everyone created their own designs. They were pretty creative, but looked great in the end.
Izzy doing some building (actually hot gluing).
Jude just looking cute while mom built his house. Mema, Stella, and Ned are in the picture too.
Ned helping Stella make her house.
The final product. Briley, Stella, Jude and Izzy.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Izzy's school grade did a performance for all of the school and parents. the performed the Nutcracker. They sang songs and different groups did dances. Izzy was part of the Sugar Plum Fairies. She did great in her dance. It actually was very entertaining.
Izzy singing her heart out.
Izzy and some of her friends

Kiley's Baptism

Kiley got baptized over the Thanksgiving break. Even though they live in California, Kiley got baptized in Arizona. Everyone was able to make it. She sure is one sweet girl. She looked gorgeous in her white dress. She sure is loved by a lot of people.
Kiley and Briley.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Collins Family Thanksgiving 09

All of the Collins family was together for Thanksgiving this year. Since my parents were away in Russia for three years, this was the first time we were together for the holidays. We started out the day doing our own turkey trot. We ended at the park to play and eat doughnuts and muffins. Then we headed back to my parents house for lunch. My dad made my ultimate meal ever (homemade noodles). It has been a while since I have had those. Then the boys watched some football and the moms hung out with the kids and relaxed a little. It sure was fun to be with all of the family.
Annie and Stella. Stella gets so excited to see her cousin. They use to hang out a lot together before Amy moved.
The family getting ready for the Turkey Trot.
Kiley and Izzy on the swings.
Porter, Stella, Paige, annie, Jane, and Lily all having a good time.
Uncle Chad and Stella. Stella tried to get into the water, but did not make it very far. This is why she has her swimsuit on.

Collins Family Hike

All of my siblings were in Arizona for Thanksgiving, so we decided to go on a hike. We started out with eating hot dogs and roasting marshmellows. Then everyone got geared up to hike. Lets just say that the two little ones did not make it to the top. Izzy and Bri made it along with most of the others. It sure was fun to be with everyone.
Briley and Paige roasting marshmellows.
Dad and Jude getting ready for the hike.
Bryce, Izzy and Maicy. These are the three cousins the same age.
Jane, Carter, Stella, and Annie excited to get going on the hike.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Erin's Birthday

I celebrated my birthday this year in California. We started it out by going to Disneyland and on the next day with dinner and cake. Matt made a little fire pit in the ground of his back yard. Then him and Shawn cooked up some meat for everyone. Jono and his family came and Ashly and her family and they brought along Jack with them (Amy went to Az). Brookes was nice enough to let us crash her house. And then of course the Maxwells. It was great to be hanging out with everyone and the kids loved it too. Ned ended the night with a ice cream cake (total surprise).
Me and my cake. Ned could only find the candles in a 1 and 9. So I was turning 19. I'll take that.
Me and Ashly.
Briley and Lily cooking smores or hot dogs i can't tell.
Jack , Matt in the back, Andrew, Brooke, and Shelly. Making up some dinner.
Carter, Porter, Izzy and Jack eating some dinner.

Disneyland/Birthday Part #1

Well for my birthday this year we took a trip to Disneyland. Where else to spend it then the happiest place on earth. For me it really was. I was more excited about going than anyone. The Maxwell family celebrated with us too. It was a perfect day. We never waited in a line more than a few minutes and everyone was so nice to let me pick all the rides that I wanted to go on. Amy and her girls met up with us first thing in the morning. It was fun to be with them. Then Ashly and Andrew with their kids came a little later. Then we ended the night with Brooke and her kids. Oh and I can't forget Jack who came that night (he likes Disneyland about as much as I do). Lets just say I loved the whole day.
Dad, Jude and Stella with Lightning McQueen.
Briley got to be the driver on Indiana Jones.
Me, Briley, Izzy and Porter waiting in line for Indiana Jones.
The three kids.
I look scary i know. I was just so excited. We were waiting to go on California Screaming. Jack watched the kids so Ned, Shawn Terri and me could go.

Disneyland part #2

All the kids on the Toy Story ride.
The family getting ready to go on the Toy Story ride.
I just loved this picture with Jude and Pluto. Do you see him staring at his wiskers.
Me, Terri, Ashly, Izzy and Briley waiting in line.
This is my favorite picture. It is Bennett, Stella and Tate. They were so excited to be there.

Disneyland part #3

Bennett and Jude waiting while some of the adults went on Tower of Terror
The goofy girls posing with Pocahontas. This was really for Annie and Stella.
Jude on Its a Small World. He just loved it if you can't tell.
Mom and Stella. I have on my birthday hat Amy gave me. Good times

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trick or Treat

My kids sure had a good time trick or treating this year. The older two girls joined up with some friends and I took the younger kids. Our neighborhood had a couple of haunted houses and plenty of spooky houses to visit. Jude and Stella loved everything about Halloween.
The crew in their costumes.
Jude=Superman (showing his muscles)
Stella=Minnie Mouse
Izzy=80's Punk Rocker (for the second year in a row)

Pumpkin Carving

The kids carved their pumpkins this year. We tried to use the faces from the book, but the pumpkins were so thick that the saw would not go through. So we scrapped that and used our imagination. They all turned very cute.
Stella and Izzy.
Briley and Jude.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good 'Ol State Fair

My parents took the kids to the Arizona State Fair. I took the kids out of school early on Friday and headed out to the fair. We had a good time and loved being in that atmosphere. The girls and Jude were so excited when we walked in. All the rides, food and games were so exciting to see. Papa treated them to corn dogs, cotton candy and unlimited rides and games.
Walking up to the fair.

I thought this looked so good.
Jude didn't know what to do with it. He kept tearing it off and throwing it on the ground. Once we put a piece in his mouth, he realized that he really did like it.
Stella, Jude and me in the background.
Waiting in line to ride the bumper cars.
Izzy and Stella
Briley and Jude. Briley was so sweet to let him drive.
Stella in the rocket ship. The other girls are on a ride that Stella was too small to ride.
The girls wanted a picture with a llama. This one looked pretty nice.