Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stella is 4

We are so glad that Stella has turned 4. She is already asking when her next party is going to be. I had to break the news to her that is a year away. Stella is such a fun girl to have in the family. She has a very cute and fun personality. We are always laughing at her. She loves to dance and comes up with some crazy moves. I sure do love this girl to pieces.

Fancy Nancy Dress Up was all she wanted for her birthday. It made it really easy to shop for her.
Her Grandma Jeanie gave her the Fancy Nancy doll which she loved.
The final product of all the presents put together.

Stella Girl Turned 4

Stella has turned the big four. She chose to have a Halloween party again this year. It makes it really easy for me. The kids came dressed in their costumes and we started the party with decorating pumpkins. Then we played a game of "pin the nose on the pumpkin", followed by "bat, bat, ghost". (the girls made it up). We opened up presents and ended the party with pumpkin cupcakes. It was fun to see Stella get so excited about every little thing.
Stella is helping me make the cupcakes.
Their was one little boy who actually got the nose right on.
Painting the pumpkins.
One of the many gifts she got.
The group of kids singing to Miss Stella.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Visiting Nammie and the Farm

We had fall break this past week so we decided to go to Safford for a visit. We drove up early in the morning and came back that night. It was a quick trip and the girls were not happy to leave. They had a blast walking around through the cotton fields, playing on the giant slide, feeding the horses, and just exploring. We went to lunch with Nammie to celebrate her birthday and sat around visiting. We ended the day with baths to get all the dirt off before the drive home. We love to visit Nammie and her farm and cant wait to go back again.
We take a picture in front of this gas pump every time we go. I love it.

Jude had no fear of the horses. I was helping Stella and he jumped over the edge into the area with horses. Chad had to jump in and grab him.
Chad pulling them in the wagon. Coming back from feeding the horses. Chad is such a great uncle. He always shows the kids a good time.
Pictures of the kids out in the shop. As you can see, I love all this old stuff.
Jude on an old motorcycle. He loved it.
Everyone was getting a little sick of taking pictures. Can you tell.

Me and the sweetest lady around. I remember Nammie coming to my swim meets and other things that were going on. Even with 70 something grand kids she always made a point to let you know she was thinking of you. Happy Birthday Nammie!!! I love you and I am so grateful of all my memories of you. I love that I get to keep adding more.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's All Gone

I took Jude to get his hair trimmed because I was so sick of seeing it in his eyes. Well I tried just a cheap place thinking a trim wont be to hard. It was cut not so great. When we got home I had to shave it all off. Even though he still looks cute i just was not ready to see it all gone yet.
Jude in his long do
Jude with the do gone. I think he likes it better.