Friday, March 28, 2008

Just a day at the park. We discovered this new park that is way nice.

okay i did it again. I am sorry about that.

This is the long awaited baby bedding I made for Judes room some day. And yes the mattress does not have a sheet on it. I made Ned put the crib together just so we could put the bedding on. I do have to make a few adjustments and then I am done.

Easter clothes. I do not know how to turn it so sorry about that.

Can you tell Ned was excited about the new dog
The kids were also very excited

Easter morning, ready for the Easter egg hunt and see what the bunny brought us
Briley ended up having her two front teeth pulled. She sure looks cute with them gone.
Easter Fun

The Skousen's got a new ramp . The girls enjoyed it.
Enjoying the cool weather
Briley was a little weary of the ramp.
Stella had a accident at Amy's house. She was climbing on the dresser and it tipped over on her. These are her battle scars if you can see them. Her forehead had a knot and bruise and her lip was bit up pretty good. Hopefully she learned her lesson.
Jude sure does love being outside.
Stella is fully potty trained. Oh how nice that is
Jude loves to sit up now. Every once in a while he falls over.
In Az we went swimming. Jude enjoyed the pool
Amy and Annie at the pool
Jude and his new friend in the high chair. It helped keep him in.
Isabelle was in the science fair at school. She did a great job. Thanks to Papa for the idea.
We stopped at this place on our way to Arizona. It was a cute little house.
It was a nice break to get out of the car. These are called cliff dwellers I guess
We also stopped by to see Daniel and Laura in Flaggstaff. The girls had fun with the dogs
We went for a little adventure hike

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jude and mom at our ward party
Briley and Nihoa danceing at our ward party
Briley had a school program and had a speaking part in it. She did a great job and had to memorize it all.
Her fan club
Briley's teeth are more than ready to come out. But they are very stubborn