Sunday, February 22, 2009

Briley's Baptism

Briley turned eight a few weeks and was able to get baptized.  She was able to have most of her aunts, uncles and cousins there.  Her cousin Hailey gave a talk and her sister Isabelle gave the other talk.  They both did such a good job.  The baptism ended with Briley bearing her testimony, Which was very good.  She was so excited for this special day to be on Valentines day.  She will always remember all the love she was showed on that day.
Briley (love bug) with her scriptures in her baptism dress.
The family
Mom is so proud of her 
Dad and his sweet girl in thier white clothes
All the cousins at the baptism.  This was the best we could get of them.

Good Times

A few weeks ago all my siblings had a chance to get together for my uncle Sandy's funeral.  It was fun to be with all my brothers and sisters.  We all drove in Brooke's van along with Jane and Scarlett.  We stayed at my Nammies house and enjoyed the brownies from Chad and pancakes from Nammie.  Sure does bring back some fun memories.  We also enjoyed seeing some of our cousins that we never get to see.  Oh and us girls had to sing a song at the funeral (lets just say that we are not singers).  Then we ended the trip with a stop at El Rey.  The best mexican food place ever.  I bet my parents are missing that too.
Dustin, Amy, Erin. Brooke , Jono and Ashly (with Jane running by)
The four girls in front of my Nammies house.
Me and Chad at the cemetary.  
Another picture of the four girls with the cotton fields behind us.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Sweetness

These are just a few of the pictures I took of Briley in her baptism dress.  My very nice friend Terri lent me her fancy camera so they would be nice.  I am not as talented at taking pictures, but I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big "8"

This is my little artist.  For her birthday she asked for anything that had to do with art.  When she groes up she wants to be a fashion designer.  She got a fancy pencil sharpener, which means no more sharpening pencils with a knife in the kitchen sink.  We also gave her a art book and art set.  So she is headed in the right direction to becoming that designer.

Stella gave her a backpack and I really dont remember why she looks so sad.
Izzy gave her a jewelry box.  She is into jewelry so she love it.
Mom and dad with their special girl.  Briley is such a sweet daughter and we love having her in our family.  Stella is happy in this picture.

Briley Turned Eight

Briley turned eight and had a birthday party at the park.  She just played games and ran around.  It was one of those easy and cheap parties.  She loved every minute of it.
Cupcakes instead of cake.
The party clan
One of the games was eating dounuts that were hanging from a string.  It was great watching them trying to eat.

Saying Goodbye to the Skousen Family

My sister Amy and her family has now moved to California.  Before they left, each girl had a party with their friends.  I had Maicy, Izzy, Clair, Marissa, and Sophie at my house.  The girls slept outside  in a tent and stayed up late.  We sure were sad to see them move.  They will be missed.
Clair, Maicy, Izzy, Marissa and Sophie
Izzy, Maicy and Marissa
Briley, Kiley and Greyson
The cousin girls.  Annie and Stella are missing.  They are strapped in their carseats.

Disney Girls

Stella and her cousin Mylie had a fun day dressing up.  Mylie came over for a play day and the two of them had a good time.  They both dressed up in Minnie Mouse dress ups.  I thought it was so cute how Mylie laid her head on Stella's shoulder.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potty Training

Does anyone ever find there kids somewhere they are not suppose to be?  Well I do just about every day.  When I couldn't find Jude today this is where I found him.  Yeah I know its pretty gross.  What can I say he wants to learn to go in the toilet instead of the diaper.

Good Friends

My good friend Rachel came to visit me.  It has been about four years since I have seen her last.  She has moved away and was down to Az for a visit.  We talked and caught up on everything that has been happening in each others lives.  It sure was fun to see her again.

Lunch With Nammie

Some of the cousins and Nammie met at Joe's BBQ for lunch.  It was a nice place to go because the kids could just run around.  Plus we got to visit with some of my cousins and aunts that I don't get to see very much.  This is Nammie with the great grand kids.
Nammie and the grandkids.  Isn't Nammie such a cute lady.  We just love her and spending time with her any chance we get.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I usually don't do taggs, but since this one doesn't require me to think about it I guess I can do this one.  This is how you do it.
1.  go to your my documents/my pictures
2.  go to your sixth file.
3.  go to your sixth picture.
4.  blog about it.
5.  tag 6 people 
This is a pictures of Stella that my friend Terri took.  She was taking her three year old pictures for me and this was one of them to choose from.  I love how her eyes look.  Stella and Jude both have some kind of eyelashes (which they did not get from me).

Now I tagg:
1.  my mom
2.  Amy
3.  Ashly
4.  Brooke
5.  Shelly