Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Heaven

El Charro opened back up a few days ago. We all met there for dinner. I didn't realize how much I missed that place until my food came and I was in heaven. It was so good that not one drop of food was left on the plates. Even all the kids ate everything. It sure was fun to eat there again.

The gang all stuffed to the max. Me, Scarlett, Izzy, Briley, Mema, Jude, Stella, Bennett, and Ashly. My dad took the picture.
Papa and Scarlett.

Cousin Love

These four kids love to play with each other. They don't get to see each other that often, but I am going to make sure they get together more because they sure do have a good time playing together.
Payden, Stella, Jude (he got into hair jel), and Kotter.

Lunch At Joe's BBQ

We met my aunt Becky and cousins Kandace and Mandy at Joes BBQ. It is a perfect place to let the kids just run around and eat good food at the same time. Ashly was in town along with my mom and dad. We had a good time visiting and catching up on things.
Bennett and Jude (aka Dude)
Lizzy, Nolan and Stella.
Aunt Becky, Kandace, Mandy, Ashly (w/Scarlett), Mema, and Me.
The Cousins (Kandace, Mandy, Ashly and Me).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camping Trip Part 1

We took our family on camping trip for Labor Day weekend. We went with about five other families. They all had campers and we were the only ones in a tent. We got rained on, but stayed dry all night. The kids loved it and love being able to eat treats and pop freely. It was fun to just let them wonder around and explore. The girls and thier friends had a club house in the trees and Stella found a buddy and never left her side. Jude just walked around looking for pop that someone had left. We are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Me and Jude. We did not expect to be that cold so Walmart came to the rescue for Jude.
Ned and Ruby taking a nap
Stella and a group of girls that were there. Oh and Jude.
Stella eating her lunch.

Camping Trip Part 2

Ned and Jude
Izzy and her buddy Lucky
Briley and Jude enjoying the camp fire.
Stella and her buddy Abby by the camp fire.
Jude and his favorite person Baylee. Just got done eating dinner and saying good byes.

Little Golfer Boy

Jude got a set of plastic golf clubs for his birthday and they have never left his side since. He carries those things with him everywhere. He even tries to take them with him when he is napping. They are all taped up, but that does not bother him. They are still his pride and joy.

How cute is he.
Hole in one.
He also got a tee and bat and he loves that too. I think he loves anything that has a ball involved.

My Baby Turned 2

Jude had some family and friends over to help celebrate turning 2. We love this cute little guy. It is so much fun to have a boy in the house. Jude is full of personality and loves his sisters. He is really into golfing so we got him a golfing cake. He enjoyed being in the spotlight. We did have to light the candles a few times until he figured out what to do with them.

Happy Birthday Jude!!!!!!